Monday, June 7, 2010

First Time Home Buyers Mortgage Secrets

Spelling out the benefits and spilling the beans about First Time Home Buyers, and others who may not be first-time, but want to protect themselves while buying or re-financing their home; who want to get the best rates and terms for THEM, not for their broker; and who want to know the difference between a reverse home mortgage and a junior home mortgage...

Well, if you want a good printed book with names, sources, federal and state programs, and lots of lenders, check out "Home Mortgage Secrets" ($14.85) for solutions and sources for almost any mortgage problem today... Shirley (the author) calls these books part of the Axolotl Series, because an axolotl is like you and me, can live all its life with gills in water, but if the water dries up, the axolotl transforms to a lung-breathing amphibian... like a human works a job for years and then -POW!- gets pushed aside for the company's benefit... and feels like an axolotl out of water... well, Ms Shirley gives you her human-transforming "Home Mortgage Secrets" to help you drop your company gills and get your air-breathing lungs working! (Oh, yeah, there are two other related booklets INSIDE the book, for free when you get the book).

More than a simple mortgage calculator, you should arm yourself with WHY certain rates are better, and HOW to get reduced rates, and WHERE to get the best overall deals...

But if you want an ebook on mortgage tips, here's one on Getting a Mortgage After Bankruptcy, (or any other serious credit crunch). I think that's about $6...

And a more general ebook, filled with mortgage tips and concepts, is yours for the taking at this link, "Mortgage Loan Tips"

Get yourself some good mind-tools for protecting yourself and still getting the home of your dreams, then drop back here and leave us a comment, hey? Good luck to you in your efforts!

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